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Welcome Home Digital Magazine FAQ

The cost for a single issue is $3.99 plus tax (US funds).

Yes! If you purchased a subscription prior to December 31, 2021, you will still receive your issue every other month through 2022.

Yes, once your subscription ends, you can then purchase a single issue of the magazine. You can view in your account settings when your subscription expires!

We are no longer selling the subscription option on Debbie’s website; we are only selling single issues here. Amazon has discontinued their Newstand program and you can no longer buy a subscription but can also purchase single issues through 9/4/23.

When you purchase the issue, you will receive an email that will direct you to that specific issue. Be sure to save the email or save the PDF to your device to view it in the future. You will have unlimited access to view/download your issue from the email.

You will have unlimited access to your magazine issue you purchased via the email sent to you, however, we do recommend downloading and saving them to your device for easier access!

Magazine issues in 2022 release every other month, starting in January 2022.

There is a short story, paired with additional articles from guest authors. Plus a new column from Debbie called her Ode to Joy. We do our best to keep it full of great content for you to enjoy in every issue.

For all questions regarding the magazine, visit my Contact page and select the support request you have. We are a small team but we are here to help. When you email us you are speaking directly with Debbie’s staff who will do their best to help and accommodate your needs.

Yes, this is a digital magazine only, however you can download and print the issue if you need to read it not on a digital device.

Through 9/4 you can access single issues of WELCOME HOME MAGAZINE on Amazon.