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Welcome Home Magazine FAQ

Subscriptions are $19.95+tax. It is a one-time payment that you can renew every 12 months.

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You will receive the past 6 issues right away with your subscription, and continue to receive a new magazine issue every other month for 6 issues (12 months). Each month, the oldest issue will be removed to make way for the newest issue, so you will always have access to 6 issues at a time!

We’re giving you access to all our previous issues so you can enjoy past stories, recipes, and more!
You will receive an email letting you know about a release will automatically populate in your library when you log in to your Welcome Home Magazine Account.
There is a short story from Debbie, paired with additional articles and guest author features. We do our best to keep it full of great content for you to enjoy in every issue.

For all questions regarding the magazine, visit my Contact page and select the support request you have. We are a small team but we are here to help. When you email us you are speaking directly with Debbie’s staff who will do their best to help and accommodate your needs.

Yes, this is a digital subscription, however you can print and download the document if you need to read it off of a digital device.

Magazines will be released every other month in 2020. The newest issue will appear in your account with every release and the oldest issue will be removed.

Here’s a link with instructions to download to Kindle:

First step, close out of the window that says “you do not have access to this page.” Then, try refreshing your page, and click “Read Magazine” again. If the error is still showing up, log out of your account and then close out of your internet browser. Open a new browser window, and clear your browsing history/cache in your browser settings. Once this is complete, log back into your account. Still having issues? Go to my Contact page, and message my team directly!